I Am My Country’s Symbol of Liberty

I was stitched, sewn and designed as a symbol of liberty in Philadelphia in 1776.
My red stripes represent the blood of those that have given their lives for freedom;
My white stripes stand for liberty; and my stars are divine inspirations from heaven.
With 13 stars representing my colonies, I waved with honor and pride at the forefront of
Raging battles during my country’s gallant struggle for independence from Great Britain;
I streamed proudly from my country’s warships in Boston Harbor and Chesapeake Bay;
I was at Trenton, Saratoga, Ticonderoga, Valley Forge, Cowpens, Boston and Yorktown;
When first raised in battle on foreign soil I led the victory charge on the shores of Tripoli;
I flew my colors with Commodore Perry’s triumphant flotilla at The Battle of Lake Erie;
In New Orleans, I waved over Colonel Jackson as I watched the enemy flee to the sea;
Against insurmountable odds my stars and stripes flew to the very end at The Alamo;
In desperate rage and revenge over Santa Anna, I came back in a flurry at San Jacinto.
My glorious red, white and blue waved above hallowed ground at Shiloh and Gettysburg;
Surprised and overwhelmed by the Sioux, my colors were grounded at Little Big Horn;
But I rose again with Teddy Roosevelt at San Juan Hill, to defeat another foreign foe.
I preserved my honor, my bravery and dignity at Belleau Wood and The Argonne Forest;
I went down with many brave countrymen when I got caught by surprise at Pearl Harbor;
But I stormed to glory at Midway, in The Solomons and The Marianas and at Leyte Gulf.
And my stars and stripes waved on Guam, at the Coral Sea, on Peleliu and Guadacanal;
I stood victoriously on the bloody shores and slopes of Iwo Jima and atop Mt. Suribachi;
And who can forget my famous conquest at Omaha Beach in Normandy, France, in 1944.
My colors flew in Anzio, Sicily, Sardinia and Rome, Belgium, France and Germany;
And they flew high on New Guinea, Tarawa, Samal, in China, and the Philippine Islands.
Near the end of the war in 1945, I was victorious in the air, on land and sea at Okinawa;
I flew again in the name of freedom at Inchon, the Chosin Reservoir and Pork Chop Hill.
I have gone wherever my country has sent me to confront the tyrants of the world;
Into the wild blue yonder, over and under vast oceans and across desolate foreign lands;
I planted myself firmly in the jungles of Vietnam and in the mountains of Afghanistan;
In the deserts and the streets of Iraq I answered my country’s call against terrorism.
I’ve trampled across the fields of my homeland as well as the soil of all seven continents.
I’m been dishonored by some but honored by most; hated by some but loved by most;
Questioned by some but respected by all; but regardless of where I go and what I do
I will always fly high and fly proudly in the name of morality, democracy and freedom.
I am the American flag, the red, white and blue; the stars and stripes; that rectangular-
Shaped symbol of liberty, designed back in the day at the request of The Father of Our
Country; the courageous leader of the great rebellion against tyranny and oppression,
George Washington. I am the most recognized flag in the world; the most honorable and
The Proudest flag on the face of this earth. I will never succumb to terrorism or to the
Enemies of my country; I will fly high forever and ever with honor, determination, pride
And steadfastness until we are free from evil, and victory is achieved-so help me God!
© 2007 and revised 2009 by Gary L. Palmer, USN (1958-1962); all copyrights reserved

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