Our Preferences And The final Word Of Allah

Generally it is thought by a group of people that since Quran is in Arabic and as they cannot read Arabic, they think that it is not essential for them to understand the sense and significance of the Quran. One would comprehend this as right if there were no assets accessible for comprehending its significance and message. But it is available for all. In up to date times learning is widespread and the new procedures of publishing has supplied immense assets for publication and a wonderful compilation of information. If we talk about Quran there has been no transformation and it is accessible, in the present time are books that well explain Quranic verses. Then what stops us to obtain the advantages?
Today how much an individual has to read for the achievement of the worldly goals and to make a career. On the other hand a school scholar read many of publications gives it thought. They dedicate there lives for the achievement on the path of Quranic knowledge. How tough is his task! All these hardships are conveyed to accomplish the experienced profits, but to accomplish the advantage of the Hereafter no one attends to the study of Quran. Don’t we have time for the world here after? Are we too busy in running after the achievement of goals of this world?
On the other hand the case should have been that when numerous dialects are hand the situations should have been that when numerous dialects are being discovered, some way should have been discovered to discover Arabic furthermore, in order that the proficiency to realize the Book of Allah exactly would have been evolved and during Quran Recitation in the plea (Salat), its significance would have been appreciated and its sweetness would have farther reinforced faith. It is merely how and what we prefer to choose out of the given paths. We do talk of the news in the news paper as we wake up but never open our eyes with the recitation of Quran.
They have abounding of time to proceed through the experienced publications, but they manage not have time to read the Book of Allah with its translation. What a large tragedy it is! Is it not likely for them to dedicate half an hour after the forenoon plea to recite the holy Quran, to study and ponder over it? Is it true that our hearts are locked to perceive the truth that is mentioned in the divine book? What sort of preoccupation is this that they have time to realize everything of the world but no time to realize the divine book!
You show care and respect to the person who is walking on your door step, you happily greet him but you never look back at the lord’s divine book keep it folded up in the shelves that cannot even be reached. Similarly you have time to read an email but do you have time to read a verse of Quran? Rather you click and close the window of guidance on you.
We have our priorities but think if the lord did not even give you a chance of coming to this world what we would be? Arabic is no reason of running away from guidance as Quran is now available your own language. You are still alive so that you can turn back, think and understand. But yet we prefer to stay ignorant.


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